“B&B has always provided prompt and courteous service. They do so while also remaining cost conscious and have been very responsive when issues have arisen.”

Randy B.
BASF Total

“I oversee all water at the Sasol Mega project. B&B has been our go to people.”

Steven B.

“Customer service; provide timely and quality service.”

Gary M.
Exxon Mobil

“Great service and customer relations.”

Jordan R.
Mason Construction

“B&B provided Excellent service and they are very dependable. More than willing to work with us to provide what we needed for our site.”

Jesse W.

“The time that B&B has been providing drinking water services to the Sasol Mega Project, overall, they have done an excellent job. They are, by far, the best subcontractor that I have worked with in many years. They are true professionals in every sense of the word, with a customer first attitude. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a good dependable drinking water supplier.”

Bobby M.
Fluor @ Sasol

“Really pleased on how Carroll and Roman jumped right on to my needs and get me the services I needed.”

Dale J.
ExxonMobil Tank Farm

“Quality service and timely responses”

Brian B.
Chevron Phillips

“You guys have given us great service.”

Kenny T.
KT Mainteance Co Inc.

“Clean cans, water is good and cold. Easy to contact driver if any issues.”

TA Team Lead
Westlake Refinery

“I have had extremely good results on past projects with B&B for both water and ice services. The employees that I have encountered on my projects are the most courteous individuals that I have had the pleasure of working around in all my years in the turnaround business.”

Sr. TA Planner
Port Arthur Refinery

“Great customer service.”

Field Buyer
Cameron LNG Project

“Consistent quality service. Reliability is always predictable.”

Site Manager
Corpus Christi LNG Project